Current Interests

Some of the things I have the luxury of spending time on in (no particular order):

  • Walking up hills and kayaking/canoeing. May be found on one of the lakes or rivers near where I now live solo paddling a Wenonah Prospector, or further afield in a sea kayak. Have reached the point in life where when the sun shines, I would rather be on a hill. Thankfully the sun doesn't shine very often where I live in the Northwest of the UK so also fill my time with...
  • Aplisay Personal R&D venture that I use to explore ideas that I think nobody is else paying sufficient attention to. Sometimes deadly serious, sometimes whimsical. Most prominent is some InnovateUK funded work figuring out how to break conversation tech out of the big AI provider silos. Currently working on open source tools to allow experiments with safely and responsibly using LLMs in voice transactions (llm-agent).
  • Alertacall Innovative company supporting aging and vulnerable population via tech and human contact. Vibrant business which was a  Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation winner in 2022. Advisory board member supporting the CEO and management team.
  • Hack the Lakes prototype rural hack camp. Idea I’ve been toying with for a while, will probably run in 2023.
  • TADHack we took an IPCortex team to the very first TADHack in 2014 and walked off with the coveted Google prize for our WebRTC hack RTCEmergency. This has since spawned a raft of real world implementations saving lives in emergency situations. Been involved in TADHack/TADSummit most years since. Can usually be found running the London location where I enjoy enabling and mentoring talented local developers.
  • Hack the Press news is broken… looking at new ways to monetise quality journalism. Helped bootstrap this hackathon series which aims to improve news reporting through tech solutions to support journalists. Organised sponsorship for the inaugural event and privileged to do tech mentoring with them.