What do I do?

I’m an experienced software person who has worked in, and led several technology companies over a near 40 year professional career.

Originally a Software Engineer, Engineering Manager, CTO, and then CEO. After a number of successful exits I now do an interesting mix of direct hands-on software hacking, non-exec strategy & advisory roles, and seed investing. I keep an up to date mental tech landscape, and use it to target transformational support for people who are building important things.

Projects that I get excited about address things like:

  • Digital inclusion: promoting wider participation in creating the technology we use, and spreading the benefits fairly throughout society.
  • Education: new outreach and educational models to build a diverse next generation of socially motivated technologists.
  • Environment: using tech to reduce our carbon and plastic waste footprint.

See my current projects page for information on what I’m doing right now. If you’ve read this far and want to talk to me about a project you are involved in then please do contact me. I’m always happy to make time for people trying to bring good ideas to life.