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My name is Rob Pickering.Rob Pickering in Tobermory

There are quite a few people in the world with the same name but this particular one lives in Buckinghamshire, England and currently works as CEO at ipcortex.

Straight out of college in the 1980s I somehow managed to engineer one of the first commercial Internet connections in the UK whilst writing a TCP/IP protocol stack and I’ve never quite managed to escape that industry since. This is despite an overly healthy interest in cycling, kayaking and canoeing with a long held and sadly now un-achievable dream to quit messing with computers and go take a badly paid job in the outdoors industry instead.

Consequently things that I tend to have an opinion on include the way we use networking technology, running a small/startup business, cycling and paddlesport. I know a tiny bit about all of them but it is probably a bad idea to take too seriously anything that I have to say on any of them. Any content that you find here is entirely my own personal opinion.

These days I spend most of my working time at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire or Google Campus in London and I’m happy connect over a coffee at either.


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